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Recently I had my first jigsaw puzzle made. Unfortunately the colour and the resolution of the image are not up to the standard that I would have expected.  However...they are still useable so I am selling them for just $15 each instead of the $49.95 they should have been. I will be donating the proceeds of the sales to Chef Jose Andres' World Central Kitchen.  WCK go to wartorn and natural disaster zones to provide humanitarian relief by feeding those in crisis. Right now they are on the ground in the Middle East feeding desperate Palestinians and Israelis.


I have also allocated 50 puzzles to Impact for Women. Impact assist women and children fleeing domestic violence. Each year Impact create wonderful Christmas and Mothers Day hampers. Any leftover puzzles will also be donated.


These will make great Kris Kringle and teacher gifts - PLEASE stock up and lets turn our pain into purpose!!



Jigsaw Puzzles for Charity

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