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In conversation with Justine Kuran

I was thrilled to be interviewed by Jyotiee Balani from The Best Address recently.  Her questions were thoughtful and thought provoking.  I hope you enjoy this insight into my feelings about everything from gallery representation to government funding for the arts.

Click here to read the interview.


Prolific Paper Quilling Artist: Justine Kuran

In the Artist Spotlight: Justine Kuran, I know you'll enjoy meeting this prolific Melbourne quiller and hearing how she's built a commercial quilling business doing mostly large-scale works. Here's a hint: an unabashed love of the art. 

Prolific Paper Quilling Artist: Justine Kuran (


Hamsa becomes part of the SJM permanent collection

I want to share with you one of my proudest professional moments. From today this hamsa, created especially for the 'Jews from Islamic Lands' exhibition, will become part of the permanent collection of the Sydney Jewish Museum. My husband’s family were all Holocaust victims and survivors so it is even more special that it has found it’s home where their memory’s can never be forgotten. It is a moving and proud moment to end a difficult year on. I hope 2022 brings us all the luck and security that is symbolised by the hamsa. If you would like to see the Jews from Islamic Lands exhibition, you can take a virtual tour by clicking the link below. Happy new year to you all. Jus x

Virtual Tours - Sydney Jewish Museum


64 Brilliant Paper Artists to Follow

It was such a lovely surprise to find out I had been listed amongst '64 Brilliant Paper Artists to Follow' by Design and Paper. Read the full article by clicking on the link below.


64 Brilliant Paper Artists to Follow on Instagram - Design & Paper (


Jews of Arab Lands

I am so excited that my very first MUSEUM piece will be included in the upcoming exhibition, 'Jews of Islamic Lands' at the Sydney Jewish Museum. Additionally, there will be a number of special pieces available in the gift shop and a limited edition (of 50) full size prints of the hamsa I made especially for the exhibition.

'Jews of Islamic Lands'opens at The Sydney Jewish Museum on March 20.


Thank you President Ruvi Rivlin

In honour of his State visit to Australia and his generous support of Youth Futures, UIA Victoria presented President Reuven Rivlin of Israeli a bespoke artwork by Justine Kuran.  This map of Israel celebrates the friendship of our two nations; the map made with a nod to our indigenous dot paintings, and with the rich colours of Australia, the yellow wattle, our floral emblem, the green eucalyptus of our native trees, the burnt orange of our glorious sunsets, the off-white sands of our pristine beaches, the red of outback Uluru, the gold to symbolise our precious metals and our 'gold rush' history, and the brown and tan of indigenous art drawings. We hope it finds a home, and creates memories of this Australian visit, in the land of Israel.


Quilling is coming to SO:ME at South Melbourne Markets.

SO:ME is the artisan space of the South Melbourne Markets.  This is my FAVOURITE space in Melbourne and its the first stop on the 'See my Melbourne' agenda for any friends visiting from interstate or overseas.  I cannot wait to share with you all the new pieces I am busy creating. Best news is that I will be there for the whole month of April, with includes the Easter long weekend, so bring the family for the best food, art, homewares and clothing Melbourne has to offer.


Paper Round by Justine Kuran

Melbourne artist Justine Kuran launched her first solo exhibition, ‘Paper Round’,  last month.  Her unique works wowed the crowd at the opening night, held at Glen Eira City Council Gallery in Caulfield.


A Paper Round to Astound

WHEN Justine Kuran bought a quilling kit from a two dollar shop, she did not dream that she would become a master of the art form — much less, that she would be launching her first solo exhibition just five years later.

A paper round to astound – The Australian Jewish News


Justine Kuran presents her ‘Paper Round’ Exhibition 31 May -June 17

I recently had the pleasure of attending Justine’s opening night thanks to Helen Reizer from HRPR with a star studded Melbourne Audience who were absolutely amazed at the work and time that had gone into creating these truly breathtaking three dimensional designs made only from paper. There are only a handful of commercial quilling artists in Australia and our Melbourne girl Justine Kuran is one of them.

Justine Kuran presents her 'Paper Round' Exhibition 31 May -June 17 - Melbourne My Style


My first Solo Exhibition!!!

After a year of working almost exclusively towards my dream, my first solo exhibition is almost here.


31 May - 17 June

Glen Eira City Council Art Gallery

Cnr Glen Eira and Hawthorn Roads, Caulfield

(Entrance and parking on Glen Eira Road)


Friday, 15 June at 12.30 

I invite you to come to the Glen Eira City Council Art Gallery in Melbourne to see what I've been working on.  This exhibition is a huge departure from my earlier works.  My new pieces are more contemporary, with a nod to some iconic artworks, artists and symbols, and I have been playing with new colour combinations and different techniques.  

A percentage of every sale at my exhibition will go to support two NCJWA programs that are very dear to my heart. The first is the JAM project, a mentoring program for year 9 girls and the second is Caring Mums, another mentoring program that supports vulnerable new mothers.

Most artworks will be available for sale both before and during the exhibition. Enquiries welcome.


Jane Seymour

Late last year I was commissioned to create a piece of art for legendary actress, artist and philanthropist, Jane Seymour.  This design was taken from a painting by Jane from her 'Open Hearts' collection.  I took some creative licence by inverting the design, a nod to the times we are living in - that there is always more than one way to see something.  This image is also the logo for her Open Hearts Foundation.  Making this and meeting Jane was such a joy and a privilege, and special because I also have my own 'Open Hearts' series of hamsas.    I love the words that inspire her foundation - "Open hears reflects life's joys, heartaches and inspirations and symbolises that only when you can love yourself and keep your heart open are you able to give and receive love."

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