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My year of 'yes' and female empowerment

This year did not start off well. Two days after arriving home from 5 glorious weeks in Broadbeach and Sydney, I was rushed to hospital with severe abdominal pains. Four days later I was diagnosed with an ulcer.

I am genuinely happy for the most part, I love my work, I love my husband, I have great friends, and despite my kids being in those 'Princess Bitchface' tweenage years, I do love my 3 daughters too, so I was shocked that this was likely a stress, caffiene or chilli-induced ulcer. I'm putting it down to what I thought would be a good decision I made about 12 months; to stop screaming at my kids. Now, even though I still refuse to scream, I am convinced that holding all that frustration in, has caused this medical misshap. The upside is that it's not life threatening (four days gives you plenty of time to think of all the worst-case scenarios), and will hopefully be cured over time with the correct diet (and angelic kids).

Other than that little hiccup, I've had the most fantastic year I can remember.

All of a sudden I am surrounded by the most honest, inspiring, accomplished, funny and engaging women. The more time I spend with these women, the more exciting opportunities come my way, the better I feel about myself, the more I leave the pettiness of my past jealousies behind me, and the more the quality of my conversations are elevated to a standard that reflects the woman I want to be and the woman I want to be a role model for my daughters.

Female energy is a great motivator, we are superheroes when we become cheerleaders, mentors and role models for one another and stop competing and tearing each other down. When we use our supoerpowers for good, we have the power to make the world a better place.

As a result of teenage bullying I still have my 'nerd mentality', so when opportunities come my way I am always shocked and feel a bit unworthy, but this is my 'Year of YES", so I am determined to be courageous, fearless, and make the most of every chance I get, whether it be a professional collaboration or (gulp) public speaking. I will share these with you on my 'News' page as they happen.

These photos below were taken at the International Women's Day breakfast at Mon Bijou in Melbourne. (Photo 2 & 3 credit Sam Tabone)

The 'Daisy Chain' peace sign I donated for the occasion.

Right now I am thrilled to be supporting the Australian Women's Network Summit and Gala Ball on April 2, with proceeds supporting Safe Futures Foundation, an organisation that supports families in situations of domestic violence. Click here to find out more about the Summit, that is for women only and includes a line up of extraordinary female speakers.

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