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What inspires you?

I love symbols.

I am drawn to symbols and symbolism. I am inspired by positive people, love an inspirational quote and I seek out symbols and meaning in my life and my art.

Some 'shapes' we dont even associate with symbolism, like the humble heart, the most identifiable symbol on the planet, it's the universal symbol of LOVE, and the Peace Sign, which, coincidently, is the symbol of peach, duh!

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Much of my earlier work was in the shape of the Hamsa, the Middle Eastern symbol of luck and protection, depending on which way you hang it. Fingers us, is protection, hand down, luck. The 'eye' in the hamsa is to ward off the evil eye, or bad things, The mandala, the Hindu/Buddhist symbol for the centre of all things, represents that place of calm where we feel centred and at peace.


Other recognisable symbols where the meaning is not as widely known include the 'Sugar Skull', the symbol of the Mexican festival of the 'Day of the Dead', a day to honour and remember those who have passed away. Another is the 'Om' symbol (many varieties of spelling, but lets go with this for the time being), the "Om* is a sound and a symbol which is rich in meaning and depth. It represents the divine in each of us, as well as our interconnectivity. It reminds us that we have the ability to move past our physical and mental states of consciousness and connect with the divine – both in ourselves and others."


The Yin/Yang is a Chinese symbol representing balance, the good/evil, light/dark, male/female, etc, and the Hebrew letters of Chet and Yod make up the Jewish symbol of life, 'Chai' (when toasting, you would say L'chaim which means 'to life'.)


In our lives we wear symbols as jewellery (the Cross or the Star of David for example), on clothing (the Sugar Skull, the hamsa), and we use them as touchstones in our home in the form of art. Personally, my favourite symbol is the Mandala. I love the symmetry and balance of the design, and I love that it is a reminder to take a breath, stay calm and centred (not always easy with 3 daughters) and remind yourself of that happy place of bliss, and personal joy.

What inspires you? *The Meaning of OM - Reference from

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